Free VIP Activities

When you reserve your vacation rental in Destin with Destin Palms, you can take advantage of an incredible perk we offer our guests. With our Xplorie VIP program, you can enjoy one free snorkeling trip, one free charter fishing trip, one free dolphin cruise, one round of golf, one free waterpark admission, and one free escape room session every day of your trip! Yes, every day you are a guest in one of our stunning vacation rentals, you can enjoy up to $350 worth of local activities per day! This is our way of saying thanks for choosing Destin Palms Vacations!

At Destin Palms, we want our guests to have a great time and get an amazing deal! The Xplorie program takes the stress out of planning and allows one person free admission! This way, you can spend more time relaxing and less time planning.

Free charter fishing excursions, the escape room, and golf are available year-round. The following activities operate for the specific times of the year: dolphin cruise March-October, snorkeling May - September, Big Kahunas Waterpark Memorial Day - Labor Day.
*Please note perks are not available to monthly renters, long term renters, or stays beyond 18 nights.

"The VIP perks that came with the condo were such a great added bonus. My husband golfed 4 days of vacation and went deep sea fishing one day. He had the best time and we all enjoyed the dolphin cruise. Miramar beach was beautiful with its white sand and emerald green waters. The panhandle is our favorite part in Florida. Thanks for an amazing vacation filled with great family memories that will last a lifetime. Love, The Pierpont's"

-The Pierpont's, April 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

If we are staying five nights can we use five passes on the same day? No. Activities are noncumulative. Unused passes expire daily. However, you can go to all six activities such as snorkeling, deep sea fishing, dolphin cruise, golfing, waterpark, escape room in the same day, for every day of your stay. But, you cannot use the daily pass on the day of departure or more than once on the same day, for the same activity.

We have five guests. Can we get five Xplorie cards? No, we only issue one card per reservation, per unit.

When do I need to make my reservation? Two days in advance. Activities cannot be reserved further than 48 hours in advance. For example, if today is Monday, you can only make reservations as far out as Wednesday.

Does “per unit” and “per reservation” mean everyone that is staying gets to go for free? No. You can go every day for free, but only one guest, per day, per activity. Additional guests will need to pay for admission. 

Can I go snorkeling, deep sea fishing, dolphin cruise, golfing, waterpark, and escape room on the same day? Yes. One guest can receive free admission to all six activities each day of your stay.

Can we use the Free VIP activities on the day we check out? No, you cannot use the card on the day of departure.

If you have other questions or concerns, please call us and ask! Our vacation planners will be happy to help you choose the perfect rental, plan your trip, and make sure you get the most out of our VIP program! We have implemented this Xplorie program to help our guests have a great time, take the stress out of planning daily activities, and get a great deal! We are here for you, so call us today!

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