Destin: The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Destin has been known as the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village since the 50’s because of the booming fishing industry, but there’s more to it than just luck. Several factors make Destina top spot for anglers and a great place to catch some serious fish. So, what makes Destin so lucky?

Location, Location, Location.

Destin has a unique advantage because the Gulf of Mexico, which usually stays pretty shallow along the shoreline, drops significantly just twelve miles off shore. You will hear locals saying “the eighteenth” and “the fifty” when talking about their favorite fishing spots. This is referring to eighteen and fifty fathoms, and a fathom is a fancy ocean term for six feet, so you do the math (hint: really deep).

Bottom line: you can get to deep water and big fish fast. How big? We are talking about 300-400 pound fish. That’s a lot of sushi rolls (and a pretty awesome selfie op).

Plus, there are over 140 charter fishing boats that offer amazing Captains and a team of professionals that love to show newbies the ropes, or in this case, the lines.

Did you know... as a guest of Destin Palms, you get a VIP card that offers you a free charter fishing trip. You can even go for free every day of your stay in a vacation rental in Destin. Pretty cool, huh?

Like to stay in the shallow end? You can still catch some impressive fish in Destin. Just grab a reel and fish off a pier, a jetty, the shore, or a bridge. Seriously, you can cast a line off a bridge in Destin and catch fish. That’s how abundant the waters are.

Check out the following deep sea fishing trip providers: 

Destin Princess

When is good for you?

You don’t have to come during a certain little two-week time frame or anything like that. Fishing is off the hook all year long in Destin. January? Fishing. November? Fishing. Every day? Fishing. However, there are special times like Cobia season March – May, or the Destin Fishing Rodeo in October. The whole month of October. That’s how serious we are about fishing.

If you book a vacation rental with Destin Palms, you can go charter for fishing for free. You can even go every day of your stay! If you are ready for a fishing adventure, give us a call and we can help you plan an awesome trip in a beautiful vacation rental in Destin with some serious savings. Some restrictions apply. Subject to availability. 

If deep sea fishing isn't your thing, don’t worry. You also get to take advantage of the free snorkeling, dolphin cruises, golf, waterpark, and escape room! Same rules apply. One person gets in free every day of your stay!

If you have any questions, call one of our vacation planners now to help you take advantage of this amazing offer and find the perfect vacation rental for your trip to the Gulf Coast! 


*Free charter fishing excursions, the escape room, and golf are available year-round. The following activities operate for the specific times of the year: dolphin cruise March-October, snorkeling May - September, waterpark Memorial Day - Labor Day. Please note perks are not available to monthly renters.

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