Visit Destin this Spring!

Destin is a wonderful place for a vacation any time of year, but spring is an especially magical time to experience the sugar white sands and emerald waters of the Gulf Coast. How great is Destin in the springtime? Oh, let us count the ways! Here are just a few of our favorite reasons why you should plan a vacation in Destin:

Dolphin Cruise! One of the most unforgettable moment you will have in Destin is when you first see a pod of dolphins playing joyfully in their natural habitat along the Destin Harbor and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. A dolphin cruise is a fantastic way to go on a boat tour of the harbor and the captains know where the dolphins like to hang out! You can watch and take once in a lifetime pictures as dolphins play beside the boat! There are also sunset options, so you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the horizon as well! This is an amazing way to spend an evening in Destin. Reserve your vacation rental with Destin Palms for spring and you can take advantage of a free dolphin cruise for one guest for each day of your stay, excluding your day of departure. That means you can go every day you are here and one of you will be free! This is an awesome deal. Don’t delay. Call today.

Try Snorkeling! Another wonderful way to spend your day during a spring vacation in Destin is to try snorkeling! The water is warm enough and there are several companies that offer, training, equipment,  and group tours. The waters of Destin are clear and gorgeous, and the captains now right where to take you!  You can also choose to go SCUBA diving or SNUBA. SNUBA is a mix of SCUBA and snorkeling. You do where a breathing tank so you can go a bit deeper than snorkeling, but the tank is not attached to you and you don’t have to be certified. SNUBA is a great option for our more adventurous guests!

Dine on Fresh Gulf Seafood! There are several restaurants in Destin that offer Gulf to Table dining, so you know it’s fresh! Try a fried shrimp po’boy, gumbo, or succulent grilled grouper. Seafood in Destin is about as fresh as it gets! Also, if you decide to go fishing, some places offer a “Hook and Cook” service and will prepare your fish for you however you want! That means after a day on the water, you can enjoy a drink while a chef prepares your daily catch. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re ready to make this spring the best ever, reserve a vacation rental in Destin and take advantage of a free dolphin cruise! Call now!

Valentine’s Day in Destin

Valentine’s Day is almost here! We have some amazing Valentine’s Day vacation rental deals in Destin right now, and if you are looking for ways to impress your sweetie, then we have some great ideas on how to plan a romantic weekend here in Destin. Before you go buying that box of chocolates and teddy bear, take a look at some of these suggestions and take your romance to the next level.

A sunset dolphin. Yes, a cruise where you get to sit back and experience a breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of Mexico while dolphins play in the water beside the boat. This is an unforgettable way to spend an evening in Destin. Have a glass of wine, sit back, and relax on this wonderful cruise. If you book a condo with us now, you can enjoy a free dolphin cruise. In fact, you can enjoy a free dolphin cruise every day of your stay, excluding the day you leave. Awesome, right? We are basically planning your Valentine’s Day for you.

Enjoy a delicious meal. Destin offers some amazing dining experiences. For a casual yet romantic dinner, enjoy a meal and drinks on the third floor of Tailfins and delight in a stunning view of the harbor while you dine. For a formal and amazing experience, make a reservation at the Beach Walk Cafe and you can choose to dine at a table that is in the sand in front of the Gulf. This is fine dining literally directly on the pristine sand with the waves of the Gulf of Mexico washing over the shore right next to you. Beach Cafe is always voted one of the most romantic places and they deserve it.

Relax at a beautiful beach condo or vacation home in Destin. Many of our condos and homes offer luxury amenities that will make leaving the vacation rental a hard decision. Swim in heated pools, enjoy a sunset from your private balcony, take a stroll along the beach, and soak in a hot tub. We have some spaces available for Valentine’s Day weekend that will help you create magical memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.
If you are still looking for a vacation rental in Destin, call us now to hear about some amazing last minute rates we have!